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Name of Country: Federated States of Micronesia

Form of Government: Republic (in free association with the United States)

Capital: Palikir

Area: 701 km²

Time Zone: GMT + 11 hours

Population: 111 000

Population 2015: (estimated) 150 000

Population density: 159 per km²

Life expectancy: 69 years

Infant mortality (per 1000): 39

Languages: English*, 9 Micronesian/Polynesian languages

Literacy: 90%

Religion: Catholic 50%, Protestant 47%, Others 3%

Population: Micronesians and Polynesians

Currency: US-Dollar

Economy: Agriculture, fishing and services

GDP per capita: 2500 US-Dollars

Climate: Tropical, heavy rains and typhoons

Highest point: Totolom (791m high)

The four island groups of Micronesia, which were formerly known as "Carolines" are made up of four states: Kosrae, Pohnpai with capital Palikir, Chuuk (Truk) and Yap. They extend over 3200km and are located in the northern part of the Pacific Ocean, midway between Japan and Australia.
The first settlement by humans probably happened about 3000 years before the Spaniards discovered the islands in 1565. They claimed the islands in 1874 and in 1899 they sold them to Germany. During the 1st World War Micronesia was quickly occupied by the Japanese. After the 2nd World War, they were managed by the United States.
In 1986, the Americans finally agreed on a valid 15-year contract with the people of Micronesia on a free association. Internal self-determination with national defense by the United States were the consequences.
Today, the area is famous for its numerous shipwrecks and is visited by many scuba divers.



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