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From: JoanaSunday, 21/Sep/2014 22:27
Jason showed me around Christchurch two days ago. It's incredible how much he knows about his hometown and also the rest of New Zealand. There was no question he couldn't answer. I can say that I have seen and learned much more about Christchurch in these 2 1/2 hours than I would have by my own. Thank you!
From: CatherineMonday, 19/May/2014 17:50
Had a really great tour through Christchurch today and was absolutely amazed by the amount of information. It was interesting and funny at the same time and I got to know a lot of things I would have never figured out myself! It's not only the knowledge about Christchurch which is so impressive, but the knowledge about whole New Zealand you have. Thanks so much Jason, it made my day!!
From: AlyshaMonday, 20/Jan/2014 20:29
The sightseeing tour was good and nice.
From: LeonSunday, 19/Jan/2014 23:12
Hey Jason,
I really liked your tour through Christchurch. It really is impressive how well organized everything is - and all that in such a young age. You put a lot of effort in your business to keep all your customers happy. You have a lot of knowledge about New Zealand even though you are from Germany. I think you will have a very successful business in a couple of years time. Good on you mate!

Leon :)
From: LeaSaturday, 05/Nov/2011 08:04
Hey :)
I just wanted to tell you that your website is really impressive!
You did fantastic work and the website is interesting and well organized.

You can be very proud of yourself!
From: AnnaSunday, 16/Oct/2011 02:32
Hey guys,

wow, this is really awesome! I love how organized everything is, all the information supplied is easily accesible and on the point. Quite impressive, yet not boring! Keep up the good work :D
From: JoanaSunday, 04/Sep/2011 01:46
Hey Jason,
you did a good job with your website.
You gave us a lot of information and the themes are interesting.
I'm very proud of you.
XXX your sister



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